Thursday, March 7, 2019

Khawab ki Tabeer Online Islamic k Mutabiq

Hello Friends! We are going to describe in detail the complete meaning of khawab ki tabeer or dream interpretation according to Islam. We hope you all will love it and appreciate us for our work. The first person on the earth was Hazrat Adam (A.S) who is the true and real father of all people who are born till now and in the future. As he is the first man on the earth, he has also seen a beautiful dream which is like this:
The first dream that was ever seen by a man was still a dream to Adam. One day, Allah asked him:
“You have seen everything that I have created. But didn’t you notice someone like you from everything you saw? ”Adam replied then:“ No, O Lord, make me a couple like me to live with me and recognize only You and worship only You, as I…”. Allah put Adam to sleep and made Eve. When Adam woke up, Allah asked him: “Who is this sitting near your head?” And Adam said: “This is the vision that you showed me in a dream, O my Lord!”
Another concept of Islamic Dream Interpretation is here when Abdullah Bin Omar wished to Allah that he sees a good dream and then hear its interpretation from Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ).
Abdullah Bin Omar once prayed to Allah ” O my Lord, if you reserve any good for me then let me see that in my dream so that I will hear its interpretation from Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ). He saw in this dream that two angels came to him and took him to the third angel and that angel addressed Abdullah “You are a righteous man. Do not merely talk!”. After that angels took him to the hell to visit. There he saw some people he knew, but angels move him away from those people. After he woke up and told his Dream to his sister Hafsa, the wife of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. In return, Hafsa, God be pleased with her, ask God’s Messenger (ﷺ) to interpret the dream. God’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: “Abdullah is a righteous man. He must increase his prayers at night. After that, Abdullah more regularly offered the night prayers.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Khawab mein Bari Hony ki Tabeer

Bari Hona

Khawab mein Hikmat or Ilm ki Tabeer

Hikmat ki Tabeer

Khawab mein Baitul Muqaddas Dekhny ki Tabeer

Baitul Muqaddas Dekhny Ki Tabeer

  1. Kisi ne khud ko Baitul Muqaddas me namaz parhty hoa dekha hai to kisi miras k waris hony ya naiki krne ki daleel hai.
  2. Baitul Muqaddas me gaer kebla ru ho kr namaz parhne ki tabeer hajj se ki jati hai.
  3. Kisi ne khawab me Baitull Muqaddas k andar wazu krty hoa khud ko dekha hai to maal milne ki ilamat hai.
  4. Khud ko Baitul Muqaddas se nikalty hoa dekhna safar ki aur agar miras hath ho to is k hath se nikalne ki daleel hai.
  5. Kisi ne dekha hai k wo Baitull Muqaddas me chirag jala raha hai to ye sahib khawab k baz bachon ko takleef pohanchne ki daleel hai.

Khawab mein Bakri K Bachy K Mady Ka Paneer ki Tabeer

Bakri K Bachy K Mady Ka Paneer ki Tabeer

Khawab mein anfata ki tabeer ibadat aur parhaiz-gaari k sath maal dolat hasil krne se ki jati hai.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Khawabon Ki Tabeer In Urdu - Islamic Dream Interpretation

Khawabon ki tabeer or dream interpretation is the translation of goals, the preference with their assist to look at the destiny – is an imperative a part of our lives. For decades, human beings are interested by dreams and their hidden meaning. Everyday ninety% people on the earth see a dream and maximum of them see the not unusual dreams that in general past humans have visible but there also are some desires that are rare and specific. In this internet site, we can talk all desires and the hidden which means behind them.

Depending upon many elements or meanings of the goals which includes the individual that sees the dream, the supply, manifestations, season, time, condition, tradition, phraseology, notion, variations, know-how, and most vital one’s own wondering and the manner of deciphering the dream, all things could be cleared in this introduction section. We're here to clear up your trouble and tell you the maximum accurate interpretation of your dream. First, we are able to see, what is the meaning of the dream.